Thursday 6th December: Winter Mountain

Thursday 6th December
Winter Mountain

" Amazing...awesome singing and such beautiful songs!"

- Rosanne Cash

Cornish singer / songwriter Joe Francis is Winter Mountain.

Hailing from the wild northern shores of Cornwall, UK Winter Mountain is a blend of melodic songs, an extraordinary voice and heartfelt lyrics in a sound reminiscent of a time before digital recording when the emphasis fell on the importance of live performance and the essence of the song. A promising songwriter from a young age, Joe signed his first record deal at just 21 and went on to record his bands debut album at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios. Driven by talent and creativity Joe journeyed to the southern United States where he demoed new material at the legendary Sun Studios, Memphis.
Indeed, it was these very qualities that inspired folk star Cara Dillon and her husband/producer Sam Lakeman to sign Winter Mountain to their 'Charcoal Records' label after watching a performance in Donegal, Ireland.