Friday 2nd November: Hamer & Co

Friday 2nd November
Hamer & Co

Hamer & Co are a smokin' hot jazz outfit with a difference. Experienced guitar-players Rich Hamer and Frank Hamer blend everything from hot and swingin' to cool and mellow jazz using a combination of silky smooth basslines, powerful improvisation and groovy rhythms.

Shows frequently feature special guest players who join the guitar duo in their improvisational eruption of jazz. One time the Hamers might bring in a trumpet player, another time it might be a singer, a sax, a flute... every show is different and every show is something special. The band can appear as a duo, trio, quartet or more...

"Hamer & Co are the coolest cats to play with, and the smoothest act to see live. If you are a player, play with them. If you are a jazz fan, don't miss their show. This is something you want to be a part of..."