Friday 15th February: Claude Bourbon

Saturday 16th February: Alex Hart & Her Band

Thursday 21st February: Liam Jordan & Dan Aston

Friday 22nd February - Ahir Shah - Barbican Theatre

Friday 22nd February: Elizabeth & Jameson

Saturday 23rd February: Free Cuba Party

Tuesday 26th February: Plymouth Humanists

Wednesday 27th February: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 28th February: Saskia Griffiths Moore

Friday 1st March: Swingology

Saturday 2nd March: Black Friday

Wednesday 6th March: Comedy

Thursday 7th March: The Trees

Friday 8th March: We Are Leif

Saturday 9th March: My Generation: The Who Story

Saturday 9th March: Free Cuba Party

Sunday 10th March: The Sunday Sermon

Wednesday 13th March: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 14th March: Jack Barry - Tango

Friday 15th March: Wildwood Jack

Saturday 16th March: Diz Watson & Tony Uter

Sunday 17th March: Chelsea OW

Thursday 21st March: Elani Evangelou

Friday 22nd March: Gozer Goodspeed & Davey Dodds

Saturday 23rd March: JD King's Elvis at the Plymouth Athenaeum

Saturday 23rd March: King Dinosaur

Tuesday 26th March: Plymouth Humanists

Wednesday 27th March: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 28th March: Alex Hart & Becca Langsford

Friday 29th March: Eliza Acty

Saturday 30th March: Free Cuba Party

Friday 5th April: Circe's Diner

Wednesday 10th April: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 11th April: Bilal Zafar - Lovebots

Friday 12th April: Solana

Friday 19th April: Joanna Cooke

Sunday 21st April: Leo Rondeau & Ags Connolly

Saturday 27th April: Stuart Goldsmith - Barbican Theatre