Wednesday 15th August: Wednesday Night Magic

Thursday 16th August: Alex Hart

Friday 17th August: Thomas Ford

Saturday 18th August: Free Cuba Party

Wednesday 22nd August: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 23rd August: The Olly Parker Project

Friday 24th August: King Dinosaur

Saturday 25th August: Waterloo Sunset

Wednesday 29th August: Ellie Gowers

Thursday 30th August: Al O'Kane

Friday 31st August: The Cabarats

Saturday 1st September: Free Cuba Party

Sunday 2nd September: Broadway at the B-Bar

Wednesday 5th September: Comedy Night

Thursday 6th September: Rachel Hancock Art Exhibition

Friday 7th September: Gozer Goodspeed & Davey Dodds

Saturday 8th September: Lost in Space

Sunday 9th September: The Sunday Sermon

Wednesday 12th September: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 13th September: Whitetop Mountain Band - Barbican Theatre

Thursday 13th September: Matthew North & Scott Morrison

Friday 14th September: Swingology

Saturday 15th September: Free Cuba Party

Thursday 20th September: Darren Hodge

Friday 21st September: Eliza Acty

Saturday 22nd September: Luke Wright presents Frankie Vah

Saturday 22nd September: The Soul Stroke

Tuesday 25th September: Plymouth Humanists

Wednesday 26th September: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 27th September: Geoff Lakeman

Friday 28th September: Roz Birch

Wednesday 3rd October: Comedy Night

Thursday 4th October: Forked Workshops

Thursday 4th October: Forked

Friday 5th October: Robin Irene Moss

Saturday 6th October: The Yellabellies

Saturday 13th October: Harry & Chris Save the World!

Friday 9th November: The Fab Beatles - Plymouth Athenaeum

Saturday 10th November: John Smith - Barbican Theatre

Saturday 8th December: The Dylan Project - Barbican Theatre

Wednesday 19th December: Jim Causley - A Causley Christmas - Barbican Theatre