Wednesday 24th April: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 25th April: Hot Ginger

Friday 26th April: Hot Club of Stonehouse

Saturday 27th April: Stuart Goldsmith - Barbican Theatre

Saturday 27th April: Matthew Gordon Price

Sunday 28th April: Broadway at the B-Bar

Wednesday 1st May: Comedy Night

Thursday 2nd May: Washboard Resonators

Friday 3rd May: Joint Chiefs

Saturday 4th May: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Sunday 5th May: B-Bar Quiz Night

Wednesday 8th May: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 9th May: Ocean City Shufflers

Friday 10th May: Neil Burns Organ Quartet

Sunday 12th May: Freedom Fields Music Marathon

Wednesday 15th May: Wednesday Night Magic

Thursday 16th May: Jack Cookson & Luke Engel

Friday 17th May: Swingology

Saturday 18th March: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Sunday 19th May: Sunday Sermon

Wednesday 22nd May: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 23rd May: Alice Gullick

Friday 24th May: The Ukeabillies

Saturday 25th May: Jade Gall Quartet

Tuesday 28th May: Plymouth Humanists

Thursday 30th May: Carus Thompson

Friday 31st May: Hamer & Co

Saturday 1st June: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Wednesday 5th June: Comedy Night

Thursday 6th June: Andy Quick

Friday 7th June: Mae Karthauser

Saturday 8th June: Lost In Space

Wednesday 12th June: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 13th June: Hot Club of Stonehouse

Friday 14th June: Thomas Ford & Vince Lee

Saturday 15th June: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Thursday 20th June: Forked - Poetry & Spoken Word

Friday 21st June: Windjammer

Saturday 22nd June: Lunacci & The Lunatics

Wednesday 26th June: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 27th June: Geoff Lakeman

Friday 28th June: Renegade Pilgrims

Saturday 29th June: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Friday 19th July: Matt Price - Made in Cornwall