Wednesday 22nd January: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 23rd January: Forked #backtoearth

Friday 24th January: Rue

Saturday 25th January: Lunacci & The Lunatics

Tuesday 28th January: Plymouth Humanists

Thursday 30th January: Grace Lightman & Elani Evangelou

Friday 31st January: Thomas Ford & Vince Lee

Saturday 1st February: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Wednesday 5th February: Comedy Night

Thursday 6th February: Faye Bordewin

Friday 7th February: Joint Chiefs

Saturday 8th Februrary: Rush Hour

Sunday 9th February: The Sunday Sermon

Wednesday 12th February: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 13th February: Andy Quick

Friday 14th February: Black Tar Roses

Saturday 15th February: Jack Cookson & Paul Armer

Wednesday 19th February: Wednesday Night Magic

Thursday 20th February: Becca Langsford & Alex Hart

Friday 21st February: Marky Dawson

Saturday 22nd February: The Kingstons

Tuesday 25th February: Plymouth Humanists

Wednesday 26th February: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 27th February: Liam Jordan

Friday 28th February: Matthew Gordon Price

Saturday 29th February: DJ Misael's Cuba Party

Saturday 23rd May: Rachael Dadd