Wednesday 20th June: Geoff Lakeman

Thursday 21st June: Pucker Poets

Friday 22nd June: Hamer & Co

Saturday 23rd June: Martyn Crocker

Tuesday 26th June: Plymouth Humanists

Wednesday 27th June: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 28th June: Beth Rowley - Barbican Theatre

Thursday 28th June: Dan Chapman

Friday 29th June: Stompin' Dave

Saturday 30th June: Free Cuba Party

Sunday 1st July: Quiz Night

Wednesday 4th July: Comedy Night

Thursday 5th July: Harbottle & Jonas

Friday 6th July: The Hot House Four

Saturday 7th July: Jamie Yost + Louis Thorne

Sunday 8th July: The Sunday Sermon

Wednesday 11th July: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 12th July: Kate Ferguson

Friday 13th July: Swingology

Saturday 14th July: Free Cuba Party

Wednesday 18th July: Chelsea OW (Double Denim)

Thursday 19th July: Becca Langsford & Alex Hart

Friday 20th July: SoulStone

Saturday 21st July: Free Cuba Party

Wednesday 25th July: Cafe Acoustica

Thursday 26th July: Calvin Thomas

Friday 27th July: Big Joe Bone

Saturday 28th July: The Story of the Beach Boys, a Tribute - Plymouth Athenaeum

Saturday 28th July: Dom Pipkin & Mama Tokus

Saturday 13th October: Harry & Chris Save the World!

Saturday 10th November: John Smith - Barbican Theatre

Saturday 8th December: The Dylan Project - Barbican Theatre

Wednesday 19th December: Jim Causley - A Causley Christmas - Barbican Theatre