Thursday 30th August: Al O'Kane

Thursday 30th August
Al O'Kane

"Folding Jimi Hendrix into the sound of Celtic resistancerock n' roll. Part Waterboys, part Velvet Underground, Al's music is a cry for action nestled into a fiery acoustic blend"

Having played Glastonbury Festival and numerous gigs alongside the likes of Eddie Martin, Martha Tilston, Kevin Ayers, Cara Dillon, Ben Ottewell, Nick Harper and Seth Lakeman - he is "set for BIG things - beautiful and catchy songs" (BBC Somerset) Al is currently preparing to tour his debut album this summer. The album was mixed and co-produced by Steve Evans (Robert Plant, Goldfrapp) and features a fantastic group of acoustic musicians.

"The songs I write are based on my imagination, spirituality, humour, opinions and experiences in life, whether that's people or situations I've encountered or an inner exploration on a certain feeling or topic, it all depends on the vibe I'm going for and what head-space I'm in when I write... my main aim is to get something different whilst staying true to myself"

“His high energy performance was fantastic and his soulful tunes are a pleasure to listen to. Al really believes in his songs, and to see that on stage is very special!” UNDERGROUND SOUNDS