Thursday 13th September: Matthew North & Scott Morrison

Thursday 13th September
Matthew North & Scott Morrison

Matthew North 'One Voice, One Guitar and a lot od pedals'. Matthew is a guitarist that founded the bands All Living Fear and Secrets for September as wlel as being Guitarist for Jazz Legend Mike Westbrook. He has worked with the likes of Arthur Brown, Roger O'Donnell (The Cure) and Julianne Regan (All About Eve). He has recently released his forst Solo album and a new Vinyl single. For fans of Robyn Hitchock , Michael Chapman and Pink Floyd.

Scott Morrison was the founder memember of cult 80s C86 band 'The Morrisons' having been played by John Peel a number of times. He is the current guitarist of National Pastime and is a well repected singer / songwriter having performed at many prestigious south west festivals.