Saturday 17th November: Geoff Lakeman & Jody Kruskal - "Duelling Concertinas"

Saturday 17th November
Geoff Lakeman & Jody Kruskal



PLYMOUTH'S ultra-cool music venue, the B-Bar, is hosting an international squeeze-box "play-off" between two masters of the concertina on Saturday November 17th, 2018.

Expect musical fireworks at this one-off double-header gig featuring  probably the USA's best concertina player JODY KRUSKAL who is touring the UK from his home in New York and our very own GEOFF LAKEMAN, stalwart of the west-country folk scene as well as patriarch to folk dynasty, Seth, Sean and Sam Lakeman and their partners Cara Dillon and Kathryn Roberts.

The venue could not be better - it's less than 100 yards from the Mayflower Steps, from where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail!

Both musicians are supreme entertainers who play a wide range of foot-tapping and sing-a-long material.And this is no long-face, serious concert.They promise gut-busting humour and plenty of audience participation.

GEOFF- a B-Bar regular - is a whizz on the rare duet concertina and sings his own and other west-country songs, English and Irish folk, Americana (like Jimmie Rodgers, Louvin Brothers, Randy Newman, Buddy Miller) and even 20's/30's jazz.

JODY - who tours the UK every other year - also plays original compositions, vintage American variety songs, old time tunes and tales of train wrecks, cow wranglers, mermaids, lovers and losers-"everything from the ridiculous to the sublime." Jody will also demonstrate his fantastic, authentic dancing "limberjack" - the American version of an English jig doll.

"They were an absolute hoot together" said one music-lover who witnessed their one previous double-header gig in Cornwall in 2016.

Don't miss this one!